• RO Raneth Bayre sighted in Tricolq City with Dagger Bearer Aldora Leoma! Could this be a date or a joint assignment?
  • King Cray has announced that despite crime's rising levels, he is, "confident that our royal officials and royal detectives can keep up with serving the 3 Ks."
  • Prince Pedibastet has warned all Giften Cats to avoid crows, "one tried to peck my eyes out yesterday. It was awful. Naturally, being the superior cat that I am, I pounced on it, broke it's wing and then had the royal cook serve it for dinner. Cray was not impressed."
  • Dagger Bearer Aldora Leoma to visit Braintye!
  • Explosion in Green City's Leaf Industrial Estate - cause so far unknown. Royal Detectives are at the scene.
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draejune2016_smallI became a storyteller at a young age. When I was six or seven years old, one of my sisters confiscated my Game Boy Original, and stashed it in the uppermost box in a stack of them nestled by our bunkbed. I crept into our bedroom when she was downstairs, and I climbed onto the top bunk. As soon as my knee struck the mattress, there was a loud crack and something gave under my knee. Trembling, I scurried to the other end of the bed and with clear determination, grabbed my Game Boy. When I climbed down off the bed, I spotted that one of the wood slats that held the mattress up had broken in two! Terrified I was about to get in a lot of trouble, I made a plan, and with my Game Boy in hand, headed downstairs.

After the worst fib I’d ever told, saying that the bed, “broke all by itself,” I had become a storyteller. My lies were awful (still are), so it’s not a surprise I started creating short stories at the age of eight on a cassette recorder. Then I went on to write stories in my teens to avoid homework…

Now 27 years old, I spend my days terrorising Raneth, Aldora and Cray, or helping my clients build their author success. It’s great fun!

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