• Shotput of Power - ready to launch.
  • Antis - ready to launch.
  • The Mist Thief - First draft writing.
  • Forged in Magic - structural edits
  • Wandless - plotting.
  • Forbs - 3rd draft rewrites.
  • The Stars of the North - that's a secret...

draejune2016_smallBorn in 1989, Drae overcame speaking, writing and reading difficulties by reading every night out loud.

At the age of eight, she started to create her own stories with the use of a cassette recorder, but it wasn’t until she was fourteen that she started to write stories down.

By the time she had left college, she had eight stories written (some with multiple rewrites already), and nineteen in various stages of development. By this point, she had been researching book marketing for three years and had approached a few literary agents.

As her focus swept into full-time employment, Drae continued writing, though it wasn’t until 2013 that she regained her ability to write every day for hours at a time. It was during that year when Drae visited her family that her youngest sister (thirteen years old at the time) said that the book she knew the least about was The Royal Gift. When her sister asked if they could read it, Drae found the 2009 version of the first three chapters of The Royal Gift in her emails and they spent the afternoon reading it together.

When they reached the end of chapter three, Drae’s sister wanted to read more, but the additional chapters weren’t available from previously sent emails. It was thanks to the conversation that followed with her sister that Drae decided it was time to transition from writer to author.


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This site is undergoing some changes, including removal of some blog posts. If you have any questions, reach out to me on social media (links above) – Drae.

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