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  • Shotput of Power - structural edits done. Awaiting line edits.
  • Antis - structural edit run (with editor).
  • The Mist Thief - plotting in development with an eye on the original draft of The Mening War.
  • Forged in Magic - first draft writing
  • Wandless - plotting stage.
  • Forbs - taking a backseat to the others.

General Progress Report

author image by Drae | TCK Series Updates Writing | 0 Comments | 16 May 2017

Heya guys! It’s been an interesting year so far for my writing desk. Here’s how everything’s looking so far. First up is The Common Kingdoms Series! Splitting in Half & Scrapping of Several Books I’ve recently made the decision to…

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The Royal Gift: New Ending Edition

author image by Drae | TCK Series Updates Writing | 0 Comments | 18 Apr 2017

Just when our heroes thought it was safe… The Royal Gift: 2017 New Ending Edition is the return of The Common Kingdoms’ first story, with every chapter updated to make the reading more enjoyable. You’re invited to become a beta…

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New Ending in The Royal Gift’s 2017 Edition!

author image by Drae | TCK Series Updates | 0 Comments | 30 Jan 2017

Heya everyone!   The more I hear back from readers of The Royal Gift, the more I discover two things: You guys LOVE The Royal Gift more than Threat (sorry, Raneth, you’re just not everyone’s favourite except mine). You’d prefer…

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