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  • RO Raneth Bayre sighted in Tricolq City with Dagger Bearer Aldora Leoma! Could this be a date or a joint assignment?
  • King Cray has announced that despite crime's rising levels, he is, "confident that our royal officials and royal detectives can keep up with serving the 3 Ks."
  • Prince Pedibastet has warned all Giften Cats to avoid crows, "one tried to peck my eyes out yesterday. It was awful. Naturally, being the superior cat that I am, I pounced on it, broke it's wing and then had the royal cook serve it for dinner. Cray was not impressed."
  • Dagger Bearer Aldora Leoma to visit Braintye!
  • Explosion in Green City's Leaf Industrial Estate - cause so far unknown. Royal Detectives are at the scene.
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New Ending in The Royal Gift’s 2017 Edition!

author image by Drae | TCK Series Updates | 0 Comments | 30 Jan 2017

Heya everyone!   The more I hear back from readers of The Royal Gift, the more I discover two things: You guys LOVE The Royal Gift more than Threat (sorry, Raneth, you’re just not everyone’s favourite except mine). You’d prefer…

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[Giveaway] Win one of three paperback copies of The Royal Gift

author image by Drae | TCK Series Updates | 0 Comments | 09 Jan 2017

On a weekend in June 2014, I visited my family. It was that weekend when my youngest sister stated that she and my younger brother didn’t know much about book one of The Common Kingdoms Series, The Royal Gift, even…

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What’s Next? 11.11.16

author image by Drae | TCK Series Updates | 0 Comments | 11 Nov 2016

A great many changes are coming to DBBs, so here’s a round up of everything that’s happening before the storm of change. DELIVERY OF NEW CONTENT Patch Update 3.2 to the Giftens’ Club Something that’s really exciting is the next…

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Bladelore by Krista Walsh – Cover Reveal

author image by Drae | Updates | 0 Comments | 20 Feb 2016

Last year I read Evensong by Krista Walsh. I enjoyed it so much that I reached out to her and let her know that I loved it. I also wrote a book review and let her know about that too!   Known…

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The Royal Gift Book Cover & 99Designs

author image by Drae | TCK Series Updates | 0 Comments | 07 Aug 2014

For the past seven days, I’ve been trying out 99Designs to obtain my book cover for The Royal Gift. My experience was both positive and negative. The good thing – I have a book cover, and it’s perfectly legal to…

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