Guest Articles

  • Shotput of Power - ready to launch.
  • Antis - ready to launch.
  • The Mist Thief - First draft writing.
  • Forged in Magic - structural edits
  • Wandless - plotting.
  • Forbs - 3rd draft rewrites.
  • The Stars of the North - that's a secret...

When things are busy, it’s not uncommon that I reach out to my fellow writers over on Google Plus, and ask them if they would like to do a guest post. Here you can find a list of all of them so far. I do not take unsolicited articles unless the author or entrepreneur has already been invited previously.


Sugar and Spice, and Marketing with Angeline Trevena | 20th June 2015


What is Inspiration with Christine Campbell | 4th July 2015


It’s All About Me… And It’s Not: Autobiography in Fiction with Samantha Bryant | 18th July 2015