Forged in Magic

  • Shotput of Power - line edits in progress.
  • Antis - line edits in progress.
  • The Mist Thief - plotting in development with an eye on the original draft of The Mening War.
  • Forged in Magic - first draft writing
  • Wandless - plotting stage.
  • Forbs - taking a backseat to the others.

Failing magic. Kingdoms of sand. Airships and assassins.

Welcome to Amurski, Queldar and Voremel.


Currently in its first phase of the first draft, End of Magic Forged in Magic is a standalone that is being prepared through my Youtube series, From Idea to the End: Writing Stories.

4th August 2017 update: we’re on schedule for a release later this year, with the editor getting her hands on the manuscript this month for its structurals.


  • How I identify the genres the story will be most strongly identified with.
  • How I explore the characters and their worlds through the planning and miscellaneous writing, all whilst building the world.
  • How I’ve started to move almost entirely away from pantsing and partial pantsing to full-on plotting: from chapter purpose, to scenes within those chapters, to character drives.
  • How I identify what makes my characters do what they do.
  • How I renamed the story from it’s work in progress title, End of Magic, to Forged in Magic (and why).
  • How I determine what readers will read on the back of the book about the story.
  • How this page will be updated to represent the book as it draws close to completion.


Take the journey with me as I start to build the home world of Zahira and Armand in this coming of age high fantasy.