Shotput of Power & Forged in Magic Cover Reveals!

  • Shotput of Power - ready to launch.
  • Antis - ready to launch.
  • The Mist Thief - First draft writing.
  • Forged in Magic - structural edits
  • Wandless - plotting.
  • Forbs - 3rd draft rewrites.
  • The Stars of the North - that's a secret...

Heya guys!


I had hoped to have Shotput of Power ready for you all this month. In practicality however, as I’ve written almost 4 times as much as usual this year (yay, progress), I’m pretty badly behind in my editing of all the manuscripts.


But I do have some fun for you today. As promised, cover reveals! I actually have three covers to show you, but one’s remaining under wraps for the time being as it’s a brand new project. So I don’t ruin the surprise for those that don’t want to see the covers yet, I’ve updated their book pages here at Drae Box Books and will link you over. Ready? Let’s go!


First up, here’s Shotput of Power’s cover!


And…. Forged in Magic!


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