Bladelore by Krista Walsh – Cover Reveal

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Last year I read Evensong by Krista Walsh. I enjoyed it so much that I reached out to her and let her know that I loved it. I also wrote a book review and let her know about that too!


Known for witty, vivid characters, Krista never has more fun than getting them into trouble and taking her time getting them out. When not writing, she can be found walking, reading, gaming, or watching a film – anything to get lost in a good story. She currently lives in Ottawa, Ontario.


Today I’m helping out with her book cover reveal for Bladelore…


So without further ado:




Isn’t it pretty?


Want to Know More about Bladelore?


War has come to Andvell. Enemy after enemy takes its place along the northern border, each one a terrifying result of dark magic and experimentation. In the face of the great army, Andvell’s resources are few.

As the enemy marches, unlikely hero Venn Connell must act or be lost in the flood — one final mission to end the war, no matter the cost.

Standing on the brink of devastation, Venn is forced to question her most deeply held beliefs and trust her friends to see her through the darkness.

Say hello to Krista and let her know what you think of the new cover on Twitter!

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