Five Facts You Didn’t Know About Aldora

  • RO Raneth Bayre sighted in Tricolq City with Dagger Bearer Aldora Leoma! Could this be a date or a joint assignment?
  • King Cray has announced that despite crime's rising levels, he is, "confident that our royal officials and royal detectives can keep up with serving the 3 Ks."
  • Prince Pedibastet has warned all Giften Cats to avoid crows, "one tried to peck my eyes out yesterday. It was awful. Naturally, being the superior cat that I am, I pounced on it, broke it's wing and then had the royal cook serve it for dinner. Cray was not impressed."
  • Dagger Bearer Aldora Leoma to visit Braintye!
  • Explosion in Green City's Leaf Industrial Estate - cause so far unknown. Royal Detectives are at the scene.
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Today we continue the Five Facts About my Characters series, a mini-celebration of The Royal Gift, with more than 2300 copies downloaded and climbing. Here are five facts about the female protagonist, Aldora Leoma.


First Appearance: The Royal Gift

Last Appearance (as of this blog post): Seecole War (or Survivor’s Return if the series continues beyond Seecole War like it’s begging to do).


Fact One: she’s not the only Leoma child.

When I first wrote The Royal Gift, all the way back in 2003, I didn’t think Aldora had any siblings or cousins. I thought it was just her and her dad. I hadn’t even decided on the details of her mother (which was rectified when I wrote Shotput of Power). When I went on to write Threat (which was two different stories back then), I made a discovery about Aldora’s family. One Raneth had already had a suspicion about in the 2009 version of The Royal Gift.


Fact Two: in the 2003, 2005 and 2009 versions of The Royal Gift, she planted a kiss on Raneth. She doesn’t in the final 2014 version.

Admittedly, she thought he had survived nearly dying under rubble in the previous versions. This last time of writing The Royal Gift I didn’t want the romance to blossom fully in that book (which it did before). Pedibastet’s continuing pestering and teasing that they would make a good couple and have a, “fluffy future,” (which means kittens) remained in this last version, along with everyone’s reactions to Raneth accompanying a girl around his age. Instead, I wanted to focus on their forming friendship, which usually comes first in real life. I knew I would be rewriting Threat again afterwards and having my editor do a structural edit on book two, so I had wiggle room to turn it from friendship into relationship.


Fact Three: she’s already had several boyfriends.

Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately, Aldora’s pretty happy as a sixteen year old. Legally, citizens of the Giften Kingdom cannot date or be in any sort or romantic relationship until they are thirteen. It’s an old law which I didn’t discover the cause of until this last version of The Royal Gift – the church’s interference with relationships caused it centuries before, when the view on relationships was more frigid.


Fact Four: she’s the first person Raneth brings to the Bayre Mansion.

The Bayre Mansion is another creation of the Creator (more on him another day). It can conceal itself, which is incredibly handy in the Bayre-Frey Feud. Unfortunately, the Frey have one to match. The feud resulted in both families creating their own rules, both lists reaching into the hundreds. One rule was that a Bayre heir cannot bring someone other than a trusted member of the royal family, or a trusted member of an allied lord family. This rule is one of the ones enforced by Cally, whom you meet later on in the series.


Fact Five: she hates dresses.

When I first wrote of Aldora, I knew she wasn’t a girly-girl. It resulted in her only once wearing a dress in the series (The Mening War). She’s also not a fan of makeup, acting silly around boys, or heels.

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