General Progress Report

  • Shotput of Power - ready to launch.
  • Antis - ready to launch.
  • The Mist Thief - First draft writing.
  • Forged in Magic - structural edits
  • Wandless - plotting.
  • Forbs - 3rd draft rewrites.
  • The Stars of the North - that's a secret...

Heya guys!

It’s been an interesting year so far for my writing desk. Here’s how everything’s looking so far.

First up is The Common Kingdoms Series!

Splitting in Half & Scrapping of Several Books

I’ve recently made the decision to split The Common Kingdoms into two sibling series. Originally The Common Kingdoms Series was to be the series all of Raneth’s and Aldora’s adventures were tucked into as well as those of other characters in that world. However looking at the series, there is a clear divide where it would be beneficial for the characters and the series as a whole to be moved into two parts. Over a decade after I started writing this series, I also understand series’ structure better – back when I was in my teens, I didn’t pay any attention to how a series as a whole was structured. Any ideas I had for Aldora, Raneth, and other characters in their world were put into the same series. It didn’t occur to me that a series needed a defined ending point.

The first half will hold:

  • The Royal Gift (both editions),
  • Threat (both editions),
  • Shotput of Power,
  • Antis
  • The Mist Thief.

The second half will hold the other tales still going ahead. I made the decision last month that some of the books in the later half of the series wouldn’t be published because they weren’t vital to the series and I wasn’t as interested in publishing those ones as I was back in my teens. The second half also slots into different genres to the first half, which was the other strong reason to separate the two halves.

I didn’t want to confuse anyone expecting a continuation of the coming of age, low-fantasy (with occasional high-fantasy) genre. The second half is very much action-adventure, action-thriller and low-fantasy. Technology has also for the most part caught up as Cray and King Philander II come to an agreement on Importation Tax across the Giften-Southern Border at the same time as The Mening War (now The Mist Thief). This means cars will be in the second half of the series.

The second half will hold:

  • The Mening Province: Getera City
  • The Mening Province: Missing
  • The Mening Province: Uprising
  • Broken Crown
  • Assignment Artefacts
  • BCRI Manhunts: Leon Switel
  • BCRI Manhunts: Dexter Monday
  • BCRI Manhunts: Taylor Crombell
  • BCRI Manhunts: Sherry Orledleo
  • BCRI Manhunts: Jake Frotington
  • Yannick
  • BCRI Manhunts: Mitchel Tileteo
  • Peter Markey: Ace of Flowers
  • Sairnot
  • Peter Markey: The Silent Angel
  • Seeth City
  • Peter Markey: The Bone Painter
  • Greg Greu
  • HMS Scarlet
  • Without Honours


It’s also worth noting that I’m not sure when this half of Aldora’s and Raneth’s lives will be released, as I’ll be working to get all of them ready before I release The Mening Province Trilogy and Broken Crown.

New Stories for Email Subscribers!

It recently dawned on me that helping other authors was still as great as it always has been, but I was damaging my own success by focusing on helping others too. That’s not to say I won’t continue to help out, but it means I’ve put more of my productivity towards my own books at the expense of teaching book marketing and writing process. This means I can zero in on what I need to get done this year, which includes new stories for email subscribers!

When the 2017 editions of The Royal Gift and Threat go live, each will have a link to an exclusive email list for fans of the series, which will also include free stories. Some are The Dagger Bearer Chronicles, others feature a what if/Alternate Giften scenario as a long story, and short stories. Here’s an idea of what subscribers may get if they join through the 2017 edition of The Royal Gift:

  • Deleted scenes.
  • Alternate Giften: What if Aldora stayed and fought? (Brainstorming titles.)
  • Denman’s Story
  • A Thane Frey Story
  • The Last Dagger Bearer (the story of what happened to the last Dagger Bearer before Aldora – it’s not pretty!)
  • The Six Weapons of Protection (their creation story – also not pretty!)
  • The Dagger Bearer Chronicles #1 – Aldora’s first case as the Dagger Bearer.

This also means new reasons to join up over here at Drae Box Books will be appearing soon, so keep an eye out ūüėČ

Current progress of the series’ production development and quality control checks

The Royal Gift 2017 New Ending Edition

Awaiting structural report from my editor (different editor to the original one for The Royal Gift). You can find out more about the changes I’ve made to it and why here.

On schedule to be released the same day as Shotput of Power if not before that.

 Threat 2017 Edition

Being remastered to match my improved writing style from Shotput of Power’s publication draft.

I suspect I’ll also be splitting the two stories up again and preparing for both to be sold together in one ebook.

On schedule to be released the same day as Shotput of Power if not before that.

Shotput of Power

On schedule for its 2017 release. Back from the editor with its structural report which I’m now looking over and tweaking the story where I agree with the report. Tidying up anything that caused confusion too. Then it’ll be shipped back off to my editor for line-edits.


Publication draft was finished this week! It’s scheduled for its structural report from the editor in June so we’re good to go here!

Assuming I haven’t cocked anything up big time, this one’s on schedule for release a month after Shotput of Power.

The Mist Thief

I’m in the prepping and plotting stages of The Mist Thief. This story used to be The Mening War, and followed the adventures of Raneth and Aldora as they fought back against the Menings, Archagmians and Sophists. As I worked through Antis, I kept eyeing the folder that holds the original drafts of The Mening War and Antis and didn’t feel too happy about rewriting The Mening War. I loved the story, but I didn’t want to wade back into that again or worry about explaining how the DOOM warplanes worked or that of the RURs and other planes I’d created and written the operating manuals for. (I was studying to be a motorcycle mechanic at the time, what can I say?)

So I asked myself the following question:

Do you think Aldora’s and Raneth’s fans will like The Mening War?

My answer: um… it’s a war. Probably not.

Then I asked myself:

Can you scrap it?

I couldn’t – three VERY important things happen to Raneth and Aldora in The Mening War, which you guys will love and hate me for in equal part.

How can you make you and your readers love it?

The answer was to grab one of The Dagger Bearer Chronicles story ideas and merge it with the war, allowing the war to continue in the background of the story whilst Aldora picks up the slack for MRT royal officials. This also makes The Mist Thief intriguing to me because it’s going to be the only book told exclusively from Aldora’s point of view – we won’t be switching between her and Raneth like we do in the other books. It would also allow for those three things to happen¬†to Aldora and Raneth.

Forbs Trilogy

Forbs is still one of my favourite worlds that I created in my teens. With Anjali, the first book of the series, almost completely rewritten, there’s a part of me that wants these three books to fester a little longer as I continue the prep work for the series’ ending. I want to make sure that the trilogy’s ending is a strong one, not a weakling. As a result, it’s taking a backseat to the other books and series as I let ideas tumble together and explode apart in my mind as I work on it in the background of my mind. I’m planning to focus back onto Forbs either when the first half of The Common Kingdoms Series is published or in 2018 (whichever comes first).


I’ve two books in development at the moment that are scheduled for release later this year (though one may be delayed to 2018).

These two stories are for my fantasy fans.

First up is End of Magic (which needs a new title). This one I’m actually documenting the process over on my Youtube series. Those of you who like high-fantasy with plenty of action-adventure will like this one. I forced myself to take on a female protagonist, specifically, a¬†princess. I’ve never been a big fan of princesses, but Zahira has won my heart. You can find out more about this book here.

The other is Wandless. It’s a low-fantasy tale of vengeance that I will be shopping around to literary agents before independently-publishing if they don’t want to represent it or I’m not happy with the agents’ representing of it. It’s my top secret project right now, so though it has a page, you won’t find much about it until later on.


Word Count

Every year, I track the amount of fiction words I write to make sure I’m being more productive than the last year. So far I’m on point. As of the time and date of this post’s release, I’m at:

237,526 words.

I’m spending the afternoon plotting, editing and writing, so that’ll be out of date within the next hour, hehe.

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