The Leoma Family

  • RO Raneth Bayre sighted in Tricolq City with Dagger Bearer Aldora Leoma! Could this be a date or a joint assignment?
  • King Cray has announced that despite crime's rising levels, he is, "confident that our royal officials and royal detectives can keep up with serving the 3 Ks."
  • Prince Pedibastet has warned all Giften Cats to avoid crows, "one tried to peck my eyes out yesterday. It was awful. Naturally, being the superior cat that I am, I pounced on it, broke it's wing and then had the royal cook serve it for dinner. Cray was not impressed."
  • Dagger Bearer Aldora Leoma to visit Braintye!
  • Explosion in Green City's Leaf Industrial Estate - cause so far unknown. Royal Detectives are at the scene.
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Sixteen at the beginning of the series, Aldora is the main female character readers will encounter. Voted as the readers’ favourite, Aldora goes through many learning curves, failures and successes both in her personal life and the celebrity work life she is given. Considered a Giften civilian throughout the series,  Aldora was born with a unique gift, the Animals’ Tongue (sometimes also called the Animals’ Voice). With this gift, she can blind, deafen and even cause fatal brain aneurysms. [READ MORE SOON]


The protective member of the family to a fault, Isadore raised Aldora by himself after his wife, Kate, died in a carriage accident. His whole life swirls around two things – making sure his family want for nothing, and keeping his blacksmithing and farrier services at the top of his clients’ minds. He’s not aware if he has a gift or not, and isn’t particularly interested in finding out. [READ MORE SOON]


Short and sweet to avoid spoilers. Denzel is Aldora’s uncle, and Isadore’s younger brother. He loathes royal officials and the royal family due to personal experience that have resulted in a strong grudge. His first appearance is in Antis, when he spends time with Aldora due to an ulterior motive, but he is first mentioned in Threat, book two. [READ MORE SOON]


Short and sweet to avoid spoilers. A royal official, Alika graduated the Royal Official University in 1999, and at the beginning of the series, is often dealing with organised thieves in her duties serving the Three Ks. She considers her best friend to be Raneth, who she graduated alongside, even though at first she thought he was a little, “snotrag.” Readers first see Alika in Threat and will see her again as other characters (especially royal officials) go to her for advice on personal and work-related matters. She is the member of the Leoma family that is naturally, “kick-ass” and unafraid to take action. [READ MORE SOON]


Also short and sweet to avoid spoilers as much as possible. A young child, Rose looks up to the members of her family more than she can express in words. More than anything, she idols her father and thinks that she’s got a fascinating family thanks to his side of the family tree. As for her mother, she loves her dearly, but thinks she’s, “sort of useless.” She’s afraid that she will never be as clever as her family, or as skilled in defending herself and others. Rose is first seen in Broken Crown. [READ MORE NEAR YANNICK’S RELEASE]

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