Recommended Read: Peter Voogd’s Six Months to Six Figures

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I’ve decided to start doing a new thing here – discussing/reviewing books I’m eager to recommend to others, after having read them myself. They could be of both fiction and non-fiction, and I’ll explain why I’ve read them. Please be aware that links to these books will also be affiliate links, which basically means that if you click through from my link and then buy that product, I’ll make a small commission. The price you pay won’t be affected though. You can find out more about affiliate, sponsor and advert links around the Draebox Network by clicking here.

So to kick us off, I’m starting with a great bit of non-fiction. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I tend to read a lot of books about that area – from how to make something of yourself and your product, all the way to basic business management. Last week or maybe it was this week, I was listening to Entrepreneur On Fire with their Android App (thanks John – it’s so awesome!) and I came across an interview with Peter Voogd. I’d just watched an interview that Chandler Bolt had done with Peter for the Self Publishing Success Summit, to which I have lifetime access, and had been quite captured by Peter’s enthusiasm and message.


Admittedly, if people do get on podcasts and Google Hangout Events I am more likely to look into them. Seeing or hearing them talk about what they’re doing tends to be communicated better, and capture my attention better than a blog post ever does. My looking into Peter Voogd was a result of this.


I downloaded from Amazon Six Months to Six Figures earlier this week, guessing that there were a few tasty gems in there for an entrepreneur like myself, but I was blown away by how invaluable this book actually has become to me. (I finished reading it last night by the way.)


The book, like many non-fiction books, has a lot of rambling at the beginning though seeded with good stuff, but when you power through it, it does become better and more focused. Part of this though is due to the fact that Peter is not trying to just palm off on you some mindless theory, but actionable steps. I don’t know how common giving your readers actionable steps is (I know I’ve never seen it before in a book), but without the build up to each step, it’s power and ease of use would not have been so readily understood.


I feel this book isn’t just for those who it’ll attract with the title, but anyone who wants to make sure they achieve their goals in whatever business or hobbies they partake in. I’m applying everything I learned straight to everything in the Draebox Network – the web hosting, the web design, the fantasy fiction (admittedly my favourite part of what I do), the non-fiction and even the courses and consultations. For me, it’s not about making Six Figures in Six Months (though I haven’t said no to that either in my use of the actionable guides), it’s about increasing my success and getting the life I want. I don’t want to be chained down to a room to make money – I want to explore the world and enjoy life and what I do.



I could rave for too long about every simple bit I found invaluable, but instead I’ll share one; the bit I’m most curious to see the outcome of, is the actionable steps found in Chapter Six. I worked through them as I read the book. After several questions, it asks you what your Big Five are.  Five goals you would focus on in the next six months, or what five things had to happen to have your, “best six months ever.”

It then went on to ask these questions (all answers had to be congruent with the Big Five):


  • What are your top three goals for the next ninety days?
  • What are your top three focus goals for Month One?
  • What are your top three focus goals for Month Two?
  • What are your top three focus goals for Month Three?


Then it asked you to answer the following questions as if you had achieved your ideal vision in six months:


  • What’s your ideal six month outcome?
  • What does your business look like?
  • What does your team look like?
  • How involved are you in the business?
  • How much money are you making?
  • What feelings are you expecting?
  • If you and Peter Voogd had met in six months time, what would have had to happen for you to be completely satisfied with your results and progress?


And it goes on to provide you with many more helpful bits of advice and actionable guides to follow.


So in conclusion, this book is definitely worth a read whether your aim is to make six figures in six months, or you just want to succeed in what you do and love. Check it out by clicking below. Those who want a preview should download the free Kindle sample like I did (there’s a free Kindle app for most smart devices). Sadly, this book isn’t available over at Kobo. 🙁

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    Sep 1, 2015 @ 22:02 pm

    Thanks for this review, Drae. There are so many books in the ‘how to succeed at x/y/z’ that it’s helpful to get a recommendation from someone I know. I’ve just purchased it and will listen to that podcast while I’m doing my drawing at the library 🙂 Like you, I’m not setting out to make six figures in six months, but anything that can help me get to full time status is a win.

    On another note, I agree with the podcast guest point. I’m more likely to buy a book if I’ve listened to an interview and know that the author knows what they’re talking about. David Farland is another one worth looking into (if you haven’t already). Joanna Penn does a great interview with him.

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