The Royal Gift

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Eight days to save her father, her friends and her home.

Aldora Leoma didn’t have a complicated life. As one of the teens in her village, she spends her time studying for her last year of school and helping her father in his blacksmithing and farrier trade. She has no grand ideas for her future, just the assumption she will work with her father in the family business. So when she wakes to find her village under attack, she looks to her father for guidance, who grabs a sword and heads outside.

With the village rallying in readiness to defend their homes from a large number of attackers, their village leader heads to the resting place of the Dagger of Protection, a magic artefact belonging to the village, that was created centuries before to protect them. When the village leader takes too long to grab it, Aldora goes to see what’s happening, discovering that the one thing they had to save them besides their swords has been stolen overnight.

Aldora is tasked to inform the king of the village’s situation. But the king returns the burden of saving her father and everyone Aldora knows onto her shoulders, as there are no army units or royal officials near enough to help. With a bag of rations and the talking Prince of the Cats, Aldora is sent to find the Dagger of Protection.

With barely any knowledge of the kingdom’s geography and none on the art of finding thieves, Aldora struggles to understand how to save her father. When she rescues law enforcer Raneth Bayre from his family enemy, the Prince of the Cats orders him to assist her, pulling Aldora into the Bayre-Frey Feud.

Aldora knows that the villagers will hide in their outdated refuge but it only has eight days worth of food for the villagers to survive, assuming the entrance of the refuge isn’t found by the attackers first.


The Royal Gift is a fast-paced action story for teens that enjoy fantasy-adventure in atypical fantasy worlds, where swords are common but electrical goods and guns are starting to appear thanks to trade. This is the first in The Common Kingdoms Series.


Book One of The Common Kingdoms Series

Book Information

Release Date: October 2015

Retail Price: Paperback £7.97, eBook £4.99

ISBN: 978-0-9934333-1-3

eISBN: 978-0-9934333-0-6

Available Formats: Paperback, ebook.


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